My name is Manny Munoz and Love Recklessly is a place I created for us to inspire one another with one message:  You honestly can make a real impact in this world.


Most people know me as the Founder of Gamerosity, a crowd-funding platform dedicated to the service of children with cancer.  Others know me as an all-out sports fanatic who’s too excited for his own good.  Either way, I’m happy you found Love Recklessly and I hope you find it useful to your life in the 4 most important facets of your life, personally, emotionally, spiritually, and professionally.


1497632_10202918192018729_1590525921_nA Little More About Me

I married my wife, Catrina on May 14, 2005.  We chose that date because it was the earliest possible date that we assumed it wouldn’t rain.  We love each other dearly and the joy and fun of marriage grows with each passing day.  She helps me daily with the chaos we encounter at Gamerosity and keeps me focused on the things that matter, for instance, our children.  As much as I love the title “Founder” and even “Husband,” the title that brings me the most joy is that of “Daddy.”  I get to be the daddy to 2 awesome little squirts, Malachi and Natalia, and also a couple furry monsters, Dash, our Puggle and Mila, our Dachshund.


What matters most in life is that you live it with gratitude, compassion, and, most importantly, fearlessness. Be reckless.


What Stalks My Days

Like you, I wanted more than anything to matter.  I want to yell on rooftops, let my voice be heard, and say something that changes lives.  I’ve learned that there is no easy route to purposefulness.  It wasn’t until I’ve failed many times that I understood the value of effort while facing the reality of failure.  Failure is our gift.  This title means so much, yet we avoid it.  And while the word “failure” brings finality to a specific chapter, it’s an opportunity to make your story matter.  It makes my story matter.


Your past matters. There is no future without it


10522490_10203475550786600_6583334741364269002_nI Had Cancer

“It is Lymphoma” and then the rest was inarticulate, jumbled words that I’ve never heard before.  We had to ask our doctor before he left the room, “So doc, does that mean it’s not cancer?”  “It is cancer.” and that was that.  I was 15 years old.  After all my scans, I had Stage IV, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  I’d go on to do 6 months of chemotherapy, lost my hair, almost died, learned how to live a new normal.


I spent my whole life after cancer trying to move on from being a cancer patient or survivor.  I wanted to be a pastor, not a cancer survivor.  I pursued teaching others about my faith occupationally so hard, I lost sight of the reality that lessons are taught with our hearts.  Faith is shown through love.  Life is lived between the lines.  The pursuit of these things made my heart boil, I was left with emptiness and scars.


And then I gave up.  I stopped trying to be anything.  I just decided to DO instead of DOUBT.  And, like your story, I can go on an on… but the reality is, I’m here.  And so are you.  I’ve found purpose in my pain and that’s to love, inspire, and give.  I hope I inspire you to do the same.

  • Brian Jones

    Thanks for sharing

  • David Ramos

    Wow this is an incredible story Manny. Can’t wait to see how your site grows!

    • Manny Munoz

      I appreciate that, David! If nothing else, the self-actualization process has been an incredible journey personally. We’ll see what happens with it.

      More than anything, I want to see people see themselves in these stories. :)