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  • jian-xhin-281513-LO
    Surviving Survivorship

    Survivor’s Guilt.Within the first couple months of “survivorship” I experienced it.I had a very special friend, her name was Nicole Ramirez.  I met her in High School and heard stories of how she beat Leukemia in Jr. High.  I remember how full of life she......

  • rick-forgo-334356

    I gave my life to Jesus when I was 19 years old.  It happened on March 30th, 2002.  It didn’t happen at a church during an alter call.  There wasn’t inspirational music playing, low-lit candles, or even an audience.  I was laying on the floor in......

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    Enjoy this guest post by Jennah Pech, Operations Manager for Gamerosity! My name is Jennah, and I worked at Gamerosity from Fall of 2015 to Spring of 2016, and just recently had life bring me the opportunity to work here again. For those of you......