Loving Recklessly


02 Oct Loving Recklessly

We’ve all heard the many different one-liners about love, “Love Fearlessly,” “Love without Borders,” “Love Blindly,” and so on.  To these sayings, I can’t, for a second, disagree with.  Absolutely, we should love without fear, and no question there shouldn’t be any limitations, hang-ups, or discrimination with which we love.

But this brings about the question, “What’s ‘Love Recklessly’ and what place does it have among these other philosophies?”

Well, if you’re reading this, chances are you know WHO I am.  You know I’m a cancer survivor, a graphic designer, a dad, a husband, a Christ follower, and more than likely, you know I’m the Founder and Executive Director at Gamerosity, although you’d never hear me call myself that… I tend to just go by, “Head Cancer Hater at Gamerosity” because titles can really be uninviting.  I “qualify” myself as these things to set the table for the fire that burns within my heart.  Along my journey, I’ve learned that the sweetest of moments are when we allow ourselves to Love Recklessly.

I don’t mean “love” in the romantic, relationship context, I mean it in every other context.  See, reckless love means we’ve put our guard down, we’ve opened ourselves up to be transparent and along with that, we’ve opened ourselves up to be vulnerable.

The humanity within us will never enjoy being vulnerable, and why would we?  We’ve been burned too many times to rest our joy, reputation, and dreams in the hands of another.  But that’s the point.  When the Team and I began Gamerosity, I had to make a choice as to HOW I was going to love the children we serve.  Was I going to protect myself from the pain that comes with working with childhood cancer kids or was I going to be reckless and let my emotions show? How do I make such a decision rationally?  How do you?  Honestly, I can’t say I have a 3-Step-Program to loving recklessly, I can simply list a couple realities I’ve experienced as a result of letting go. And maybe they’ll help you in your journey.

Loving Recklessly will show the world your humanity

Maybe that’s a problem for you, but doing so will eventually ease the pressure of being the “bulletproof leader” you and I both know we can’t live up to.  Now, you’re free to be you AND lead leaders.

Loving Recklessly will cause those you serve to love you back

Authentic love is often reflected, rarely appreciated, but ALWAYS apparent.  Your motives will always be questioned if you treat your Cause as an ad campaign, but if you care without holding back, the ones you serve see it exactly for what it is, and they love you for it.  And that is value that can’t be purchased in a 10-step program.

Loving Recklessly will make you experience every drop of emotion

Yes, even the tough ones. Running the gamut of emotion is a place that we often avoid.  It leaves us open and vulnerable and that’s uncomfortable.  But break those walls down, care for those who are hurting without your guard up and allow yourself to be vulnerable.  Yes, care for that dying child, get to know them, watch the painful moments, and be there for the joyful ones.  It’ll leave you with scars, but it’ll also remind you of the beauty of humanity.  It will break you down, challenge you, and sometimes it’ll bury you in some of the deepest heartache you’ll ever experience.  It’ll also give you an opportunity to be critical part of a person’s life like you can only experience through reckless love.

Loving Recklessly will change your Mission Statement.  Forever.

If you can do it.  Do it.  There’s no itinerary for life change, there’s only spontaneous, whimsical engagement.  No longer will the banks of the river be reinforced with logic-driven guidelines, you’ll find yourself in the middle of an adventure that leads from one opportunity to another.

What does “success” look like when you Love Recklessly? A legacy of lives effected and infected from pure heart.  Be Care Full, not careful, and watch your world change as you change theirs.  You will get hurt, there will be tears, but there will also be joy, gratitude, hugs, and healing.  <3