04 Sep Surviving Survivorship

Survivor's Guilt.Within the first couple months of "survivorship" I experienced it.I had a very special friend, her name was Nicole Ramirez.  I met her in High School and heard stories of how she beat Leukemia in Jr. High.  I remember how full of life she...

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21 Jul Smile & Error

Life is hard. Obviously, right?  Most people who interact with me on a daily basis do so because we share a similar trial through cancer.  Others have their own hardships and difficulties they've encountered along the way.  Because my story was cancer doesn't make it any...

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21 Mar Enjoying the Moment

"Malachi, you just gotta enjoy the moment.  That's your challenge this weekend, k?" "Yes, Dada." Over and over again, this was the challenge I set before my 7 year old son, Malachi throughout our #MunozFamilyStaycation this weekend.  Too often he asked "Where are we going next?!" WHILE...

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24 Feb Loving the Unlovable

Recently, my little brother had his car broken into and his most valuable possession stolen.  What made it even more devastating was this possession wasn't his property, it was on loan to him by the University here in Southern Oregon. I don't think I'll ever forget his...

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02 Oct Loving Recklessly

We've all heard the many different one-liners about love, "Love Fearlessly," "Love without Borders," "Love Blindly," and so on.  To these sayings, I can't, for a second, disagree with.  Absolutely, we should love without fear, and no question there shouldn't be any limitations, hang-ups, or...

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