Pitching Purpose


10 Feb Pitching Purpose

Yesterday I had my first of many initial meetings for the new app we’re trying to have produced at Gamerosity funded through the Sheckler Foundation. The firm I’m hoping to have this app developed through is WAY over our heads. They’re the tip of the sword and their prices are far and away WAY out of our budget so I had to bring my “A” game.

It was the first time I pitched Gamerosity in about 9 months. I mean, I really had to sell the “heart” behind us, not our process, not our product, but our purpose. Getting to the heart of GMR was the only way I knew we can get through those doors, and I freaking NAILED IT. I was so reinvigorated by the response yesterday on our Anniversary and that pitch, I’m feeling so good about Gamerosity right now.

I don’t know if they’ll be willing to work with us because we may be way too far apart on $$$, but they’ve captured the vision and the purpose and that’s really important because sometimes winning the small goal isn’t as important as having allies in the industry down the road.  By the time I walked out of that office, there were two new believers in the work we’re doing for Childhood Cancer.

Purpose matters more than profit, more than catchy one-liners, and more than one individual person.  WHY Gamerosity exists is the message that matters the most.  We exist because too many children feel isolated and disconnected from friends and loved ones.  Too many children feel like nobody knows what they’re going through.  We’re here to heal that.  The Hero Packages we give children are just one part of that purpose, this next step can make a huge difference and I’m willing to walk the long, lonely, potentially discouraging road of using the resources given to us by the Sheckler Foundation in the most appropriate, and most meaningful way.

The Board has empowered me to lead Gamerosity, and you have empowered me to fight for Gamerosity and that’s what I’ll do.  In a couple weeks, I’ll receive a proposal from this development team and then I’ll have my heading for the next step in this long road.  Whatever happens, I know 100% that my “sell” for Gamerosity will always be on the foundation that we’re trying to do something that larger non-profits simply don’t do and we want partners and Sidekicks who believe in something bigger than logic and the Bottom Line.  And it starts with me.

I don’t think I’ll ever be “that leader” that everyone looks up to, that writes books on leadership, or goes on speaking tours, but I will do everything I can to be the leader that maybe inspires people to think, “Well, I can do that…” because really, that’s our foundation, the power of “us” caring about every little detail of the people we serve.  And to me, that’s what matters most… how we speak to the things that awaken our souls.